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The History Of the Sump Pump

Believe it or not, the sump pump has been a common household amenity since 1946. It’s used for the water that flows from your waterproofing drains and guards your home's foundation against retaining damage from surplus groundwater. It can even assist with keeping your house safe from flood forming storms and amassed moisture rendering it extremely important for places like Florida and other floodplains. In fact, the money you spend on your sump pump is considerably less than the money you’d spend repairing your home afterward. You can check out more information about how a sump pump can save you money on your house in some of our previous blogs. In some states, it’s actually legally enforced that a house...

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The Sump and The Sewage, a Guide to Pumps

This may come as a bit of a shock, but there’s actually a couple types of pumps your home is equipped with. As in all things to do with home maintenance you’re going to have to be educated on the different kinds of upkeep options for each one of your pumps. Since we sell sump pumps and sewage pumps, here at Fura International, we realize it’s probably our duty to educate you about some of the equipment we offer.   The Basics You’re going to find the location for either of these systems down in your basement. As you’ve probably gathered, these are both indoor septic tank systems. They both contain a holding tank, and you’ll find that holding tank around...

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Heartwarming Stories from Houston

Here are Some Heartwarming Stories Following Houston Hello, and welcome back to the Fura International blog. While we’ll usually keep you up-to-date with information regarding water submersible pumps, we thought we’d use this space to shed light on the natural disaster overcoming Houston, Texas. Hurricane Harvey has devastated the Texas city, destroying many homes and unfortunately, the lives of thousands of people. As Harvey continues to make its terrible mark on Houston, America refuses to turn its back. Our great country continues to come together during every disastrous or evil event and help each other. It’s what we do.   Fura International is a clean water pump retailer, and we’ve had our experiences with flooding. In the face of destruction...

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