Heartwarming Stories from Houston

Here are Some Heartwarming Stories Following Houston

Hello, and welcome back to the Fura International blog. While we’ll usually keep you up-to-date with information regarding water submersible pumps, we thought we’d use this space to shed light on the natural disaster overcoming Houston, Texas. Hurricane Harvey has devastated the Texas city, destroying many homes and unfortunately, the lives of thousands of people. As Harvey continues to make its terrible mark on Houston, America refuses to turn its back. Our great country continues to come together during every disastrous or evil event and help each other. It’s what we do.  

Fura International is a clean water pump retailer, and we’ve had our experiences with flooding. In the face of destruction and sadness, it takes much more than just some tools to put lives back together: it takes good people. As we’ve seen with Harvey, the United States is filled with good people. Today, we’ve decided to highlight some of the selfless deeds that we’ve seen in and around Houston.

Houston Restaurants Open for Victims and First Responders

In the face of destructive Harvey, some Houston restaurants that haven’t been closed due to flooding have opened their doors to first responders and victims. Shops like Waffle House and McDonalds, as well as some Texas BBQ joints, have been serving up the essentials in the wake of tragedy. Additionally, restaurants and other establishments have been either donating food or proceeds from food they’ve been selling. Seeing restaurants risk profits to provide for victims and first responders is inspiring.

Spider Man Makes a Visit to a Hurricane Shelter

Seeing thousands of people being displaced from their homes is far from upsetting, but seeing the children who have to experience this sort of devastation at such a young age is much worse. In one of the Houston shelters, one of our beloved super heroes decided to take a break from battling villains and make a stop to visit with some of the affected kids. Spider-man made a stop at a hurricane shelter and met with kids and handing out fun stickers. Seeing a small child smile in the face of something this terrible is heartwarming.

Coldplay Dedicates New Song to Houston

Music is the great unifier and it has a strong ability to bring joy to people. Last week, Coldplay had to cancel a show in Houston due to Harvey. However, that doesn’t mean that they forgot the city. The superstar band in their Miami show played the song “Houston” and dedicated it to the victims affected by the hurricane. While it isn’t the largest contribution we’ve seen, it’s something.

NFL Teams Make a Contribution

The United States is a huge country and states are located thousands of miles apart from each other. However, this doesn’t stop people from contributing to relief efforts even when they can’t physically be there. The chairman and CEO of the NFL team, the New York Jets, donated $1 million dollars to the American Red Cross. Additionally, other teams such as the Patriots, Texans, and Cowboys are pledging sizeable donations to the cause.

Trapped Bakers Spend Time Baking for Victims

A team of bakers in Houston realized that they were stuck in their shop due to the floodwaters. Fortunately, their shop itself didn’t flood and the electricity managed to stay on. The Mexican bakery spent the hours stuck baking hundreds of loaves of pan dulce and bolillos, which they dispersed to victims after they were rescued. Most people would have waited until rescue teams had found them. However, these bakers thought forward, despite the fact that they themselves were victims.

The goodness of people will never fail to inspire us. To do your own part, there are several legitimate organizations that are taking donations including the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund, the Houston Food Bank, and the American Red Cross. Every small part counts.