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The History Of the Sump Pump Part 4

We’re excited to see you back at Fura International's blog! If you’re fascinated by the story of how a simple machine went from rudimentary purposes and design in ancient Egypt in 2000 BC to becoming an everyday household item that saves you a lot of money in prevented repairs, then you’re in the right place. Check out the prequels to this blog here, here, and here. In this entry, we’ll continue discussing the advancing origins of your everyday submersible pump. Finding A Submersible Pump The journey to submersible, self-priming, and self-pumping wasn't so long from being over at this point. Around 20 years after John Nielson created his dry pump, Hayward Tyler surfaced with a new invention. He had created...

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The History of Sump Pumps Part 3

Fura International is glad to see you return to our History of the Sump Pump blog series. If you’re only just joining us now, feel free to check out the predecessors here and here. After servicing the public with quality submersible pumps for years, we’ve proudly earned our Top Rated Local® Ecommerce badge. So, we believe it’s our duty to inform you about the product you’re about to purchase, hence our comprehensive blog about flood waters, sump pump issues, knowing when to replace your submersible pump components and more about our industry. Be sure to check out our future blogs for more information. If you’re in need of a basin, motor, or submersible pump, be sure to check out our...

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