The History Of the Sump Pump

Believe it or not, the sump pump has been a common household amenity since 1946. It’s used for the water that flows from your waterproofing drains and guards your home's foundation against retaining damage from surplus groundwater. It can even assist with keeping your house safe from flood forming storms and amassed moisture rendering it extremely important for places like Florida and other floodplains. In fact, the money you spend on your sump pump is considerably less than the money you’d spend repairing your home afterward. You can check out more information about how a sump pump can save you money on your house in some of our previous blogs. In some states, it’s actually legally enforced that a house has a sump pump, due to the imperative nature of the sump pump’s function when floods are a measurable danger in the area.

Types of Sump Pumps

Upon selecting your sump pump, under legal obligation or not, you have two options: The above ground, which is generally unsightly and limits the number of home improvements you can make in your basement and the submersible sump pump like those that Fura International sells. These are harder to repair than their pedestal counterparts but are obviously less obstructive since they’re beneath the ground. You’ll also need a backup system, which often appears in the form of a backup battery.

Pumps Begin

But before all of these technological improvements that make our houses safer from floods and other water-related issues, our pump systems were extremely primitive as you might guess. To begin, we’ll have to go back to 2000 BC, where the Egyptians invented the first “pump”, it was a bucket, on a rod with a weight at the other end that dunked in and pulled water up and out—it was called a shadoof. This primitive version did the job, but it obviously needed improvement that the technology did not get until 200 BC where it got much more advanced. A Greek inventor by the name of Ctesibius invented the water organ. It was air pump with a tank of water stuck between the valves on the bottom accompanied by a row of pipes on top. It was the concept of the reciprocating pump. From this, Archimedes created an invention that is considered one of the greatest of all time. It’s still in use today and it goes by the name of the Archimedean screw pump. It pumps liquids and granulated solids in industrial industries and it can also be seen in the third world as an irrigation pump.

The First Centrifugal Pump

Fast forward a bit and you’ll find the first centrifugal pump created in the Italian Renaissance. An Engineer by the name of Francesco di Giorgio Martini created it in 1475 as a mud lifting machine.

Intrigued? Continue the journey to the human kind turning the pump into one of the best well-constructed simple machines that is still in use today. From rotary deep toothed gear pumps that are still in engines all the way to your simplistic submerged sump pump that whistles away under your housekeeping your foundation water free. If you’re in need of a new submerged pump or any utility water pump, be sure to access Fura International’s extensive and well-coordinated catalog of products. From motors to high-quality sump pumps, we’ve got you covered. Check out our catalog here!