The Many Things That Cause Flooding

Why did my basement flood? These are some things that could cause flooding

You walk downstairs into your basement and you see it: puddles of water seeping from floor corners and ruining your floor. What happened? Maybe this is the first time you’ve experienced basement flooding, or maybe you’ve seen it plenty of times before. Either way, it’s not welcome and it always feels like a surprise. There are quite a few things that could cause a flood. While some of these instigators are almost impossible to prevent, some are within your locus of control. If you’re unsure of the ways that water could seep into your home, read these causes and check to see if you could make alterations.

Your gutters are broken

Most roofs are slanted. When it rains, the water from the roof slides down and is caught by the gutter. Similar to a slide, the water moves through the gutter and is deposited into a specific area away from the home. If your gutter is broken or filled with leaves, then the water might not have a clear path to travel through that leads it to the designated spot. If you have a broken gutter and it rains a lot, the water might be streaming in pools around the home’s foundation and seeping into the basement. The excess water that doesn’t belong there could flood your basement and cause damage. It’s always important to clean your gutter and repair it if it’s broken.

Snow melted rapidly

Snow is really just frozen water. Sometimes, there will be a heavy snowfall that leaves heaps of snow all around the home. In most cases, the snow will gradually melt and evaporate before it has the chance to cause any significant issues. However, in some cases, snow will come during an autumn or spring month in some freak event. Instead of it taking the time to melt, the entirety of it will rapidly turn into water the next warm day. Because of the high amount of water, the risk of a flood will increase. Because you can’t prevent inclement weather, you need to take precautions for when these events do happen. One of the best tools to protect against basement flooding is a home water pump. 

A tropical storm

Many tropical storms are a harsh combination of winds and rain. The wind can cause damage to the structure of the home and rain could lead to flooding. Flooding from tropical storms, cyclones, and hurricanes are almost always immediate because of how much rain the storms dump on the area in a short bout of time. Even if the city takes precautions, it’s difficult to protect against that much rain in that short of time. Flooding is often inevitable because they can’t possibly drain the water that promptly. In these events, protecting your home from floodwater is almost impossible. You can mitigate the damage with a basement water pump and solid foundation, but that could only do so much.



Unexpected rain

There are a lot of areas in the United States that don’t get a lot of rain. When rain does come, then, it usually causes significant damage because the cities don’t have the drainage systems to keep the rain from causing a flood. Again, it’s hard to predict and impossible to prevent these types of rainfalls. Installing a home water pump in the basement that detects water and pumps it out will help to mitigate damage.

Flooding is unfortunate and sometimes inevitable. Fura International sells a huge inventory of reliable home water pumps that work to prevent basement flooding. Keep your home and business safe from water and shop today!