The Good Things About Water

A few cool tidbits on water

In most of our blog posts, we’ve covered why water is bad. And yes, it is in the sense of flooding your basement. Water is dangerous and destructive when it comes into contact with our homes, and for that reason, our self-priming pump company has hated on water a lot more than we should. In actuality, Fura International loves water, so as long as it’s not ruining our homes and businesses. To make up for the fact that most of our posts thus far have been dissing on water, a.k.a. the substance that life can’t exist without, we thought we’d talk about some of the most intriguing facts on water.

Less than percent of earth’s water is drinkable

If you live in the United States, this may seem like a shocking statement given how ubiquitous water is. You can enter just about any establishment, turn on the faucet, drink the water, and not get sick from it. This privilege has led us to assume that we have an abundance of water when we don’t at all. First, most of the water on the planet is either saltwater, which isn’t drinkable and makes up 97 percent of the water on this planet, or frozen. Second, most of the water that we do consume is recycled. Unfortunately, most countries don’t enjoy this luxury, and you should be thankful for our water systems.

The average human is made up of 50 to 60 percent water

Judging by what you can see and what you know about your own body, it seems pretty strange that the majority of it is water. Sure, when you cry or salivate, the resulting liquid resembles water, but there isn’t that much that comes out when you do. Think of it this way: your body is made of cells, and cells are filled with water. So, by nature, you are made of water.

A toilet could use up to 200 gallons each day

If you go to the grocery store and purchase 200 gallons of water, people will probably think you’re either a) excessive or b) know something that the rest of us don’t. Luckily, most residential toilets won’t use this much water, unless it’s an older model. Newer toilets use from two to three gallons per flush, but older models can use up to seven! If you have a family of five who uses the toilet three times a day, that’s 100 gallons off the bat. Toilets in businesses are used much more often than home toilets, but it’s a good reminder to conserve water whenever possible. Install a modern toilet that’s designed to use less water.

There is more water in the atmosphere than all of the rivers combined

Don’t be in denial about the Nile! Yes, all of those huge rivers that stretch for thousands of miles are nothing in comparison to the water that’s mixed into the atmosphere. Think of it this way: the atmosphere covers the entire globe while rivers are just channels of water that are small in comparison. However, if all of the atmospheric water were to condense and evenly fall over the Earth, it would barely leave an inch of water on the ground!

It takes 1,500 gallons of water to produce a barrel of beer

America certainly loves beer, and it’s cool to know how much water it takes to produce this beer! While it takes 1,500 gallons of water to produce a barrel of beer, it only takes a few glasses of water to prevent a nasty hangover from said beer.

The sun is a water hog

If you think you’re using too much water a day, think about the sun! This solar entity evaporates trillions of tons of water every day. Luckily for rain and the water cycle, we’re able to reconnect with this water. A happy reunion, unless you’re doing something fun outdoors.

Pure water is not conducive of electricity

We all know that we should keep our electronics far away from the water for fear of electrocution, so it’s easy to assume that water is a conductor. However, pure water is not at all! Most of the water that we come into contact with isn’t pure and is filled with metals like iron, copper, and sometimes even lead. Running water runs through a piping system and comes into contact with many metals on the way, which are conducive to electricity! Therefore, when something like a hairdryer is dropped into water, it isn’t the H2O itself that’s dangerous, but rather the metals!

As you can see, water is pretty cool and it takes up most of our lives. We drink water, we use water, we are water, so we might as well appreciate it. Unfortunately, that’s pretty hard to do when it’s ruining our basements! Fura International sells basement wastewater pumps that eject floodwater from the basement and allow you to maintain your positive opinion on water. Shop today!