Reasons to be Wary of Flood Water

A few things that make floodwater so dangerous

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In the past month, we’ve seen hurricanes and floods overtaking the southern part of the United States. It’s been a scary and sad time for those who have been affected by these natural disasters because of how the rising floodwaters have forced people from their homes and have shut businesses down, at least temporarily. While we’re well aware that water can cause damage to homes, flooring, electronics, and upholstery, we might not be as in tune with why the water itself is so dangerous.

Today, we’re going to discuss some of the reasons why you should be wary of floodwater and why you should avoid going near it in the event that your home or street is flooded.

Carrying Materials

Quite often, floodwater is murky and it’s hard to see what’s in it. Therefore, if you attempt to wade through floodwater, stagnant or moving, you’re running the risk of stepping on or running into materials and debris. Sometimes, this debris could be composed of nails and sharp items that could harm you if you come into contact with it.

Floodwaters in the roads and streets sometimes move into a current, making this debris even more dangerous to wade through. Not only are you at risk of stepping on sharp materials, but now, because of the current, the debris is moving at a faster pace and can cause even more damage. Attempting to move through any type of floodwater can leave you with open wounds, bruises, and even breakages.

Filled with Pathogens

You wouldn’t believe how much bacteria and how many pathogens are floating through the floodwaters. As it moves, it’s picking up all of the pollutants and dirt from the streets and carrying it with it. Additionally, sewers are also flooded and sewage is therefore seeping into the floodwater. When you wade through the water, you’re likely putting yourself into high levels of pollution and human waste, which is both gross and dangerous. It’s common for people to have scratches somewhere on their bodies, and these cuts could allow the bacteria to enter your bloodstream, making you very sick. It’s not worth the risk and you should stay away from the water if at all possible.

Downed Power Lines

If there was recently a storm, then there is a chance that a power line has fallen. And, in the murky water, it could be impossible to tell. Entering the floodwater could put you at a high risk of electrocution and other hazards. Even if the flood is only in your home or basement, the risk of electrocution exists as there is no guarantee that the wiring or fuses aren’t broken and therefore making your home an electrical hazard. All in all, it’s best to avoid the water because of the high risk of electrocution.


Unfortunately, drowning is a huge problem. Even if the floodwaters look shallow, they could still have a current. Floods sometimes move like a river, and as they move, currents pop up as they move through the streets. If you’re caught in the current of a floodwater, you can easily be taken under and drown. Even if the water is stagnant, it’s impossible to tell how deep it is. This is especially risky for children who aren’t strong swimmers. Due to the murkiness of the water, it’s sometimes impossible to see people who are trapped.

Most people don’t go into the floodwaters for fun, but rather as a means of escape. However, while getting out might seem pertinent, it’s best to wait until rescue crews come if possible. If your home was flooded, avoid going into the water to salvage items and wait until a restoration crew helps to drain the water from your home and sanitize it. The danger of floodwaters isn't something that anybody should attempt to overcome on their own.

While Fura International can’t prevent floods, we at least have some of the tools to try and alleviate the damage. Shop our basement water pumps and more today!